As you already know, Room in the Inn is a ministry that seeks to provide hospitality, food, shelter, and support services to the homeless community, expecially during the cold winter months. There remains, however, the question of what happens to this community when the weather warms up, and when they begin spending their days, and nights, outside again.

3C, Cross Culture Community seeks to answer these questions by continuing to help with food and support throughout the rest of the year. C3, a collection of people from many local churches is seeking to form teams who will go out weekly / biweekly to set up at an approved location with the purpose of handing out bibles, providing food as well as eating with those served, and loving on God’s people. Where possible, other immediate material needs may be met; for example: socks, tshirts, sunblock, bug spray, etc.

If you feel a calling to pair up with this ministry please find Della Gill after the services on Sunday morning or reach out to Della at 252-256-2947.

Posted on May 31, 2019 .