Finding a way to reach our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Co-workers (Franc!)  with the good news of Jesus isn't always easy. Conversations can be awkward, and we often feel unequipped. We understand that, and we want to help YOU to be an evangelist to the Francs in your life. We will be launching the Alpha Course on Thursday March 21st. Alpha is a short course that presents the Gospel of Jesus and the fullness of the Spirit in a clear way and in a safe and warm environment. Our Alpha course will run for 9 weeks at the Church of the Outer Banks Ministry Hub. Each week will include a great meal, a short talk, and small group time for people to explore their thoughts. If you are interested in helping out as a volunteer with Alpha, or simply want to know how you can use the Alpha Course to reach your friends, you can contact Joey at We will offer a training class for volunteers on Sunday evening, March 3rd. In the meant time, I ask that you begin praying for those whom God will draw to Alpha, that He will reveal himself, and that the lost will be saved!

Posted on February 4, 2019 .