Dear Church,

Thank you so much for your prayers yesterday. I know that abortion is  a difficult subject, and that yesterday’s sermon brought up many emotions, but I am grateful for your support! Your encouragement and kind words have been affirmation that God’s Truth was spoken.

I want to remind you of ways in which you can help bring an end to this evil:

Pray! Prayers work, and God is listening.
Walk alongside women that find themselves in a situation with an unwanted, unplanned, or difficult pregnancy. Be their friend and advocate. Love them in the name of Christ!
Adopt or foster. Pray about this. If you find that it is something that God is laying on your heart, know that He will provide a way. There are orphans in this world, and they need us!
Care for the poor and help fight against the systemic issues that keep the poor oppressed. Most women that have abortions are poor and marginalized. If we help them, we help the unborn child!
Educate yourself and have difficult conversations with those who will listen! Two great resources with which you can educate yourself are: www.abort73.com and www.liveaction.org.

Again, I am grateful for each of you! Keep being the hands and feet of Jesus in your daily lives.



Posted on February 4, 2019 .