Vestry Nominations


On Sunday, September 24th, we will hold our Annual Meeting right after church. This is a VERY important meeting each year in our church's life, and we encourage all members and regular attenders to be present. We will be discussing several very important topics such as our vision for property and the future, as well as voting on new Vestry Members.

Our Vestry consists of 6 members, plus the Pastor (me!). This year Brian Cerza and Trahey Manor will be rotating off the Vestry, and we will need to elect 2 new Members. The nomination and election of Vestry is something to be carefully considered and prayed over. Below you will find the section of our church's bi-laws that describe the requirements for Vestry. Additionally, eligible candidates must be regular Church of the Outer Banks attenders for a minimum of two years.

When nominating someone for Vestry, we ask that you do so confidentially, and without consulting the nominee. The Vestry vets each nominee, and in order to avoid hurt feelings, the Vestry will only approach those nominees who have been properly vetted and meet the requirements. Once the nominee has been notified, they may accept or reject the nomination. The Vestry will then compile a list of the candidates, and will present this to the congregation for a vote to select the vacant spots.

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact the church office. Please submit nominations via email to

Thanks everyone!


Section 4.2 Qualification.

a. Eligibility Criteria. To be elected to the Vestry, an individual must be a baptized member of the church in good standing over eighteen (18) years of age and an Eligible Voter (as defined by section 8.1) under these bylaws. To serve on the Vestry, an individual shall:

  1. Be a mature Christian, not one who has recently come to faith;

  2. Worship God regularly in Church;

  3. Lead an active prayer life;

  4. Know and continue to study the Bible;

  5. Be a cheerful giver not only of money but of time as well;

  6. Have a family relationship that reflects strong Christian Commitment;

  7. Be a leader within the Church;

  8. Bring a valuable skill to the Vestry that would be useful to the Church;

  9. Have time to be able to serve effectively as a Vestry member;

  10. Make a commitment to put Vestry service high on the list of personal priorities;

  11. Vestry membership should not the considered as a honor for past service, but a commitment to future service.

b. Ineligible Persons. Paid staff of the church and their spouses shall be ineligible for the Vestry service. For purposes of this subsection, “paid staff of the church” means any person who receives compensation for services rendered to the church on a regular basis of a minimum of twenty four (24) hours a month. Notwithstanding the prohibition as stated, the Rector (lead pastor) serves as an ex officio member of the Vestry. The Spouse or dependent of a current Vestry member will not be eligible at the same time as the Vestry member.

c. Affirmation. Prior to commencing service as a member of the Vestry, each member of the Vestry will affirm: 1.) Their personal commitment to the purposes set forth as our Church’s mission, to the Nicene and Apostles Creed, and to the historical and Biblical Christian Faith*. 2.) A pledge to serve without any conflict of interest, and a pledge to comply with the Confidentiality Policy both during and after their term.

*This includes confession and affirmation of Christ's divinity, the Trinity, Salvation through Christ alone, the power and work of the Holy Spirit, Biblical authority and infallibility, as well as affirmation and adherence to a Biblical standard of Holiness and sexuality.

Posted on July 31, 2017 .