The 2016-2017 Vestry candidates

The 2016-2017 Vestry candidates

The following are our candidates for Vestry. On Sunday, we will be asking each church member to vote for up to 4 of these nominees to fill the 4 vacant spots on our Vestry. The Vestry has 6 members and two of these positions will be filled with 2 of our current elders, Trahey Maner and Brian Cerza.

Walter Kelly

Born into the Episcopal Church as a baptized member at 9 months old, I grew in the faith and teachings of Jesus Christ. When I became a teenager attending a youth group camp, I received Christ as my personal Savior. There were no heavenly bells, nor celestial choirs ringing in my ears, but I knew that I knew that this was to be a foundation principle of who I was and what kind of person I can be. Participating in youth choir, Church youth groups, Sunday school and Vacation Bible School attendance along with Scoutingdrew me to work with others of all ages and try to see Christ in everyone as I hoped they would see Christ in me.  This did not make me immune to the attractions of the world, but did enable me to navigate without completely sinking to the bottom. As a member of an Episcopal church in New England for over 35 years along with my wife, I held many positions of responsibility there.  From Vestry member to Senior Warden (3 separate times), to Choir Director, to Sunday School teacher, my involvement was consistent.
As a member of Church of the Outer Banks since 2014, I have been a participant in the Psalm Reading and Prayers, as well as joining the Sunday School teaching team for Middle School youth.  Additionally, I volunteered on the Church Golf Tournament Committee this year and had a blast! If elected, I will energetically fulfill this position as a representative of the church members in all matters of business - heavenly and earthly.

Peter Erickson

I became a christian as a child when I was baptized into the Presbyterian Church.  Later in life in my high school and college years I began to search deeper into my christian faith.  When my wife Brooke and I got married right after college we were really focused on finding a church home and a place in our relationship where we could make our faith a part of our life together.  We discovered Church of the Outer Banks in its infancy in 2005.  We have called the this church our home since then.  It wasn't until early 2013 that I found myself, after a major career change, able to serve the church in a greater capacity other than just showing up on Sunday mornings.  Since 2013 I have served on a Sunday morning setup team 2 weeks on two weeks off.  I have been a member of the missions committee for the last 3 years, and have served on the building funds annual golf tournament committee for the last 3 years as well.  I have been known from time to time to help my wife in the nursery also. I would enjoy the opportunity to serve our church as a member of the vestry and strive to help see our church continue to be healthy and to grow and bring more people to come to know Jesus in there life.

Lori L. Gibbs

I was baptized when I was 11 in the Baptist church that I grew up in. I did go away from church in my teen years but I did hold onto my faith during that time. I became involved in a church again in my late 20's and my faith has continued to grow and I am always learning and trying to do my best. I renewed my baptismal vows in my 30's. I have been coming to Church of the Outer Banks going on 5 years. I attend the 8:30 and the 10:10 service. I serve on the 8:30 setup, greeting and reader roster. I am a member of the Missions committee. I have served in Nursery and I am currently a preschool Sunday school teacher. I am also on the roster of Psalm readers for the 10:10 service.  I served as a Board member at my previous church and I was the Hospitality chair. I do feel that being involved in different aspects of service at Church OBX would be beneficial in being a vestry member. I do know that being on the vestry is a huge responsibility and I would serve to the best of my ability. Thank you for your consideration

Jessiah Rudolph
I was raised in the Christian faith and during my 6 years at East Carolina University, I was involve with Campus Christian Fellowship (non-denominational). I was able to be decipled, to serve, and to grow in my relationship with the Lord. I also co-led several men’s bible studies during this time. I attend the 10:10 service and have been coming to The Church of The Outer Banks since 2007 (on summer breaks), and since 2011 I have been attending year round. I have served on set up teamsince 2008, I teach Sunday School for the upper elementary class, serve with the Missions Team, and have co-led theYouth Group since 2012. I have been married to my wife Sara for just over 2 years, and we have a daughter Sadie, who is 9 months old.

Stephen Lamm
I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 13 years old. I was raised going to church but really felt Jesus speak to me during my parents’ divorce at that age. I wandered through my faith journey through my teens and early twenties, not always making the right decisions but always feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. It was when I married my wife and we had kids, I knew I wanted to create a legacy for my family that would hopefully extend generations beyond my life here on Earth. We (wife: Annette and three children: Ella, Kayla, and Myla) have been attending the 10:10 Service at Church of the Outer Banks since 2013. I currently am a Middle School Sunday School Teacher and am a teller, counting the offering one Sunday a month. I’ve grown up on the Outer Banks and have a special love for this community. I am in Professional Sales in the Commercial Construction Industry and am often faced with situations that require problem solving and critical thinking skills. I hope my personal and professional background would add value in this important role.

Dan Jones
I have attended Baptist and Methodist churches since I was a child, accepting Christ as a youngster at Vacation Bible School. At such a young age, I never really appreciated the faith and Christ's love until I was preparing to be baptized at the age of 14. I was starting to understand the magnitude of God's graceand baptism solidified my Christianity.  A muddy river in West Virginia with loved ones on its banks and it was awesome. I have attended Church of OBX since 2010 and generally attend the 10:00-10-15 service. I have been blessed to serve on set up team, as a Bible study leader, and at our many local missions such as Room at the Inn, Ruthie’s Kitchen, etc. I also enjoyed playing with the worship band a few times.  I see community service as an extension of Christian service and have been honored in the past to sit as President of Manteo Rotary Club. I will continue to work for The Rotary Foundation and support their work worldwide.

Della Gill
Della is a faithful follower of Christ. As the spouse of a pastor, she has served in churches most of her adult life, including leading the Vestry. She has been part of the Church or the Outer Banks for the past several years, and attends both the 8:30 service and the 10:10 service. She helps with set up at the 8:30, greeting, occasionally teaching Sunday School or helping in the nursery, is a driving force on the Mission Team, and has a wonderful heart and vision for the ministry.

Posted on September 22, 2016 .