Church Meeting this Sunday

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we have our church meeting this Sunday. We are electing our first Vestry, and we need for all of you to be there and participate!

Two of our elders will be staying on to serve on the Vestry for one more year, Trahey Maner and Brian Cerza. We will be electing 4 other people to fill the Vestry out at 6 memebers. Two of those will serve for a two year term, while two will serve a three year term. This system sets up a yearly rotating board of church leaders; two rotating off, and two being elected on during each yearly cycle. In each election after this, all people elected will serve for three years.

I will be releasing the names of the nominees by the end of the week, along with a short bio for each. Please take the time to pray over these names. I know each would do an incredible job if elected, and we pray that God would guide us to the candidates that He wants to use during this coming year. This is a Godly, wise, and highly intelligent group, and we are in incredible hands no matter who is elected!

The meeting will occur after the 10:10 service and childcare will be provided. I am for the 10:10 service to conclude by 11:10. We will take a short break, and then start our meeting. We should conclude no later than 12:30, but hopefully a bit sooner.

See you all on Sunday!



Posted on September 21, 2016 .