A Few Important Items

Good afternoon everyone, and blessings on this Maundy Thursday.  Maundy Thursday is the day in which we recall the events of the Last Supper, of Christ's servitude and command to do likewise in washing the feet of the Apostles, and of Christ's betrayal by Judas and arrest. It is a solemn remembrance, and I urge you all to read these passages with your family or friends this evening.

I wanted to remind everyone of our Good Friday Services tomorrow at 12:00 and 6:00. the 12:00 service is a Stations of the Cross service, and it is a very powerful and prayerful devotion. If you can, take your lunch hour to observe this ancient service with us. The 6:00 service will be about 30 minutes, and is a family friendly service. I will address our children and adults as we talk about the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross.

Easter services are at normal times and are an incredible opportunity to invite friends and family to church. Please extend the invitation to all that you know, especially those that do not normally go to church! Share the church's Facebook post, and make some personal invites as well. Be in prayer, and expect the power of the Living Christ to radically show up in a magnificent way on Sunday! Today may be the day we remember Christ's betrayal and arrest, but Sunday is COMING, and KNOW that the power of the resurrection will be felt by all!

Finally, starting the Sunday after Easter we are going to rearrange our worship service a little. I will post something next week, but I am excited!



Posted on March 24, 2016 .