Instructed Eucharist at the 8:30 Service, Baptisms and Dedications at the 10:10

Good morning everyone! We have two very cool services this week at church.

The 8:30 service will be something called an Instructed Eucharist. Each part of the liturgy has a purpose and a meaning, but often these are forgotten, or never actually taught. We will be walking through each of the different elements of the service and explaining why we do what we do! Even for those that typically go tot he 10:10 service, this is an incredible learning opportunity for adults and children alike.

At the 10:10 service we are doing two baby dedications, and are opening up baptisms for anyone interested. The baptisms would take place during the service, in the gym rather than the beach this time. (We have access to a large container that can be used as a baptismal font!)

If there is anyone interested in being baptized, contact me (Joey)  ASAP at fr.fitz@yahoocom. I really hope that if you are a follower of Christ but not baptized, you would take opportunity of this moment!

Finally, if there is anyone that needs help with flood recovery, we can organize work groups to get some work done. Contact the church office if you have needs or know of someone who does.



Posted on October 18, 2016 .