Our Leadership


Pete Erickson, Lori Gibbs, Della Gill, Dan Jones, Stephen Lamm, Andrea Windle


Clergy Team

Rev. Joey Fitzgerald, Lead Pastor - fr.fitz@yahoo.com






Rev. Charles Gill, Pastor of Prayer and Care - charles@churchobx.com

Rev. Colin Cooper, Minister of Missions - colin@churchobx.com



Christine Cooper, Church Administrator - office@churchobx.com

Mark Slagle, Sunday Morning Coordinator - mark@churchobx.com

Joana Houff, Children's Ministry Coordinator


Leadership Team

Kelly Macko, Treasurer

Brandie Fitzgerald, Prayer Ministry

Sara Rudolph, Coffee Mission

Andrea Windle, Hospitality and Meals Ministry

Julie Jones, Welcome Ministry

Rodney Everhart, Ushers

Brandie Fitzgerald, Joane Kelly, Women's Bible Studies


Contact Us: office@churchobx.com