Director of

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Job Description: Part-time (20 hours per week) minister to Middle School and High School students in Dare County, both in and outside of Church of the Outer Banks. 

Goal of the Position: The goal of the position is to provide Church of the Outer Banks with a qualified minister of Christ who can create and implement a program that has both evangelism and discipleship at its core, with the intent of leading youth within and outside of our church into a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Responsibilities: The position requires 20 hours a week working with youth, planning, and performing administrative duties as required. Of this time allotment, office hours should be designated for office work, as well as time for mentoring/training with the rector. While office work and mentoring are necessary, the primary goal is direct work with the youth, and direct work with youth should take the larger share of weekly hours. 

Specific responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Office hours for planning and participating in administrative tasks necessary for the successful implementation of growing Youth Ministry. The office time should coincide with the rector’s office time, as well as the other employees’ office time. 
  • A weekly Youth Ministry gathering for students in grades 6th-12th. 
  • Sunday Morning responsibilities as deemed necessary and assigned. The Youth Minister is expected to attend Church of the Outer Banks weekly. 
  • Sunday Duties include, but not limited to: 
    • occasional teaching/preaching responsibilities 
    • oversight and assistance with the Middle School Sunday School class 
    • Assistance with children’s ministry as needed. 
    • Interaction with youth and youth parents in attendance 
    • Interaction with visitors who are youth, or the parents of youth. 
  • Planning and attending with the youth various retreats/mission trips/camps, etc... that aid in
    the evangelical and discipleship goals of the program. This will include: 
    • A yearly weekend retreat during the school year 
    • A yearly Summer retreat or mission trip 
    • Quarterly local mission/service projects 
  • Weekly contact with youth outside of planned programs. This may include taking youth out for lunch, taking youth surfing, skating, or simply attending football games, school plays, etc... This is referred to as “contact work” and is vital to the success of the ministry. 
  • Helping with the oversight and training of youth ministry volunteers. The youth minister can not reach the youth alone, and must have a team of volunteer leaders to assist him. 
  • Leads the Youth Ministry Parent Support Team. 
  • Attend Monthly Dare County Youth Pastors gathering. 
  • Other duties as assigned. 
  • The Youth Minister is expected to continue to pursue their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through personal study, regular church attendance, tithing, and striving to lead a life as prescribed of elders and deacons in Holy Scripture. 

Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree, 2 years experience working with students, a heart for youth, and comfort in an evangelical, low church, Anglican expression. 

Salary range is $16,000 - $19,000, based on experience.