Snow Day

Good Morning! Well, it's not as snow covered as I thought it would be, but I've been out on the roads this morning and it certainly is icy out there! If you decide to drive anywhere this morning, please be safe and watch for the icy patches.

Since we cancelled our services for today, I hope that you could take this time to worship in your home. Whether you are by yourself, or have others in your home with you, this is the perfect opportunity to spend time with the Mighty Triune God! Grab your bible, put some music on, and be fed by the Spirit!

This morning we celebrate the Epiphany. The Epiphany is the visitation of the wise men to the Christ Child. (Matt. 2:1-12). We all know the story, how three wise men see a star in the sky, and read the signs as markers that a great King has arrived! They travel from the East, and probably arrive by the time when Christ is a toddler. (They certainly weren't there on Christmas morning, despite what our Nativity scenes depict!)

The wise men bring gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold represented Jesus' kingship (Rev. 17:14). Frankincense was an incense, and foreshadows Christ's priestly role. (Heb. 4:14). Finally Myrrh was an used in embalming, and this gift of the Magi casts a pall over these solemn and sacred gifts.

In the midst of celebrating Christmas and the Epiphany, we are reminded that Christ's death permeates every page of scripture, as it should permeate every moment of our lives. In Revelation 13:8 we are told that the lamb was slain from the foundation of the world (NIV). A curious phrase, sine we know that Christ's death happened at a certain point in History. However, if we understand Christ's sacrifice as being part of an eternal moment, we see that the Cross was not an event that can be contained on a timeline, but one that transcends time and place! It is not just chronos time, but it is kairos time.

Kairos time is the eternal moment, and time to be seized upon. This morning, as you read scripture and pray, this is kairos time. Allow yourself to be caught up in the eternal moment of worship. Allow the images of the Christ child receiving his gifts to mix with the images of Christ crucified. And allow the empty tomb to cast such a light on all these images, that the hope of the Resurrection would sustain you in every moment of your life! 

I pray that you are blessed today. I miss seeing all of you, and I will see you next week as we celebrate the Word and the Table together at the Y.

Peace of Christ,


Posted on January 8, 2017 .