6 Essentials of the Church

As promised, here are the 6 essentials that I spoke about during the sermon on Sunday. There are far more scriptures than the ones provided, so dig into your bible and find some more. I have included examples of each, though there are far more things we can be doing. This is just a sampling! While reading, ask yourself, "Where are my gifts? Where can I serve the body?" Each of you are uniquely wired, and God wants to use all members of the church for the fullness of His Kingdom!

Essentials of the Church:

The Church is the Body of Christ (Eph. 1:22-23, 1 Cor. 12:27, …)

The Body of Christ does not just proclaim what Christ did, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, it is what Christ is currently doing!

The Church carries out its mission by the Spirit, through the Son, to the Father. Individual church bodies must have each of the following pieces

The church must worship (Worship) Acts 2:42-47
Ex.: Sunday Morning
Special gathering times
The Sacraments
daily life
Conveyed in the posture of the people

The church must care for the impoverished. (Missions) Matthew 25:31-46
Ex.: Mission Trips
Local missions like Room at the Inn, Ruthie’s Kitchen, Life Guard dinners, Surfing for Autism, Outer Banks Relief Foundation, etc…
Sponsoring and praying for missionaries around the world
Conveyed in the actions of the people

The church must share the Gospel with the world (Evangelism) 2 Peter 3:9
Ex.: Alpha
Youth Alpha
Sunday mornings
Daily conversations
Conveyed in the relationships of the People

The church must make disciples of her people (Teaching) Matthew 28:19
Ex.: Sunday School
Adult Education
Sunday Mornings
Conveyed in the words of the people.

The church must offer deep friendship and hospitality (Fellowship) Acts 2:42, Psalm 133
Ex.: Welcoming guests and visitors on Sunday mornings
Opening our homes to others
Life Groups
Picnics, dinners, and parties!
Conveyed in the hospitality of the People

The church must be a place of healing (Gifts of the Spirit) 1 Cor 12:1-11
Ex.: Pastoral Care
Prayer Ministry
Conveyed in the power of the people

Posted on September 26, 2016 .